Wonboyn Wilderness Oysters produce finest quality Sydney Rock Oysters in the remote, unspoilt and pure waters of Wonboyn Lake, and are one of nature's true delights.

Naturally grazing off the nutrient packed waters that flow into Wonboyn Lake, the lake is fed by Wonboyn Creek and several other smaller creeks, then refreshed with the tides from southern ocean currents coming up from the Antarctic.


The catchment is largely National Park, and combined with the large tidal ebb and flow, the estuary is in pristine condition, allowing us to harvest oysters directly from the lake - one of only a small number of direct harvest permits in the state.


Our farming practices are constantly evolving with the added benefits of technology - and good old-fashioned farmer style trial & error mixed with elbow grease!


We strive to produce the best possible oyster for you to enjoy.

Our clean sweet taste, refined in the pure waters of Wonboyn Lake, combined with a silky smooth texture, will complement any topping you choose.


Or enjoy our oysters simply as nature intended - served natural - and let the lingering fresh and lightly briny flavour shine through.

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